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Screenshot Captor v4.29.0 "Grab Active window"- found something to improve?

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You are looking in the right-click system tray menu.  I'm talking about the main menu on the full main window.

omg, i cant believe what i see!
I always just used Hotkey with its Save-Dialog or Rightclick on Tray, left clicking never tried before.
Its awesome, fully Paint features, fantastic! Thanks and found "Edit"  :Thmbsup:


Personally I find it more efficient to disable the post-capture dialog (that's where you choose save as, etc.), and just let SC stay minimized in tray after each capture -- and then I double click the tray to open the main window when I want to actually do something with my captures.

My way with your app is a bit different because i dont know all features. :-[
TrayIcon = App starts with Windows, Hotkeys are cool with my others.
Either Coolbar or just Hotkey invoking was my usage style (since i didnt knew that the actual Program has an Interface behind TrayIcon, blame on me!)
I will try to adopt like you said, Snap whatever and collect until i open main GUI, maby edit, and finally save, good advice! Thank you!


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