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Any chance to get a complete quicklaunch optional feature?



is there any chance that dektopcoral gets a complete optional quicklaunch feature?
U just point desktopcoral to a folder with links and then it shows the icons in its space in the same way as old xp quicklaunch does with small symbols.

Have you tried my Launchbar Commander program?  It is essentially the desktop-reservation functions of Desktop Coral but is a full fledged and very flexible launcher..  I don't think Desktop Coral has any feature that LBC doesn't have in it..

wooooow :)
exactly what i was looking for.

Just be prepared, there is a learning curve to LBC, since it does a few things oddly.  But hopefully it's worth the hassle figuring it out.  Let me know (in the LBC section of forum) if you have questions!


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