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Template for users wishing to write a mini-review

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After discussing with our fearless leader, I have come up with the idea of generating a template for the users here at dc to utilize when posting a mini-review.

I wanted to get feedback for my idea and see how you all would modify it. Once a layout is agreed upon, we will make it available for download for users of this site.

Now, here is my intended layout

Basic Info

App NameName of app reviewedApp URLLink to the app's homepageApp Version ReviewedVersion being reviewedTest System SpecsSpecs of the test system here done in a quote blockSupported OSesOSes the product supportsSupport MethodsList methods of obtaining product support here (i.e., forum, email, phone, etc)Upgrade PolicyPolicy for upgrades. If pay per upgrade, put price here for upgradesTrial Version Available?List if a trial version of the app is available. If so, list its limitationsPricing SchemeList the price of any different versions of the applications (Pro, Enterprise, Standard, etc)Author Donation LinkIf a DC member, include their link to donate to them. If a third party site which supports donations, include the link here. If not applicable, leave out
If this is a dc member, post the donation link in the format similar to this Donate to App103, the AuthorScreencast Video URLIf there is a demo or screencast of the app somewhere, post the url here. If there is a DC Screencast, post the link here.



Introduction to the app, what does it do, history, etc

Who is this app designed for:

List here who the app would be intended to be used by including what it can help you do better or do easier, etc.

The Good

Insert your praises of the app here including the features you find useful.

The needs improvement section

What is wrong with the app in its current state (the version being reviewed). Include bugs that might deter would-be users, any annoyances, etc.

Why I think you should use this product

Exactly that, explain why you think the product is useful and why the average user should use it. Remember, this is subjective to the reviewer and other opinions will be displayed regarding your opinion after the test is complete.

How does it compare to similar apps

Self-explanatory. How does it compare to other apps in this category.


A brief summary of the app being reviewed. Any sort of rating you wish to give the app and a general view of the app.

Links to other reviews of this application

Just that, list links to other reviews of this app found on other websites.

--- End quote ---

This is my idea, what do you think?

more to include:

* supported OS's
* test OS (the one you tested it on)
* RAM usage
* License type (shareware, freeware, donationware, open source)

I would like to add a section "Why I think you should consider this", a more personal and surely subjective view.


Like app103,
i vote for test OS (the one you tested it on)-basically include your system specs
License type (shareware, freeware, donationware, open source)
supported OS's

Good ideal (template) btw. :Thmbsup:

It would make donationcoder stand out amongst other forums.

Updated template. Ram usage is one I think should be left off simply because it varies from system to system.

The license type is already covered under the "What does it cost" section. Any other thoughts?


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