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RightNote 50% off discount sale - until the end of May

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Hi there Coders,

We are offering a 50% off discount sale on new licenses, until the end of May.

RightNote is an advanced information manager for Windows that will help you store and organize large amounts of information, and keep all your personal information at your fingertips.

The webpage bookmark, clipper and full webpage download functions make it great for web research and keeping track of large number of links.

It includes a source code note type for source code snippets, supporting over 50 programming languages and also various light and dark themes...

More info here:

Rael Bauer

Steven Avery:
I have a registered but the 12 months of upgrades began in 02-2017.

And I have some writing projects coming up, A research book on how Codex Sinaiticus is only 180 years old, not 1670, and some others.
And I think the choice comes down to Rightnote, Scrivener, or both. (Comments from others?)

Any discounts on an upgrade?

Which is cheaper the upgrade, or the new version at 50%?



And I think the choice comes down to Rightnote, Scrivener, or both. (Comments from others?)
-Steven Avery (May 29, 2018, 01:13 PM)
--- End quote ---
They are very different programs, with different features.
If you already use Rightnote, you will know what it can do and how much of your writing you can do using it. If that's enough I would go with that. And if you like it sufficiently, then you might like a Lifetime Pro licence with the 50% discount to save you being in this position again.

And if you find it isn't sufficient to take you right through the process, then you can consider Scrivener (or other programs). You will then know exactly what it is that you need them to do. And Scrivener's v3 might be complete.

Alternatively, if you know you need the corkboard, then you won't find an equivalent in Rightnote and Scrivener (or alternative) is the way to go. But you would know that already.

Steven Avery:
Really, I have not used Scrivener.  Although I have a copy.  I'll know better when I give it a real go.

For the actual documents, so far I use mostly Atlantis, but if RightNote works nicely, it might be better on a project with form, because it supplies the tabs and hierarchy. 

I always like RightNote, but I just never quite get around to using it. However it might be rather good for a small book-writing project.

Steven, have you been following progress in "Comparative Review of Writers' Tools (INITIAL DRAFT)" ?


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