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ACDSee Photo Software on offer until 23d May

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ACDSee Systems photo software semi-annual sale, "Save up to 43% on our top products," until 23d May at noon PT.

Thanks rj :up:
I'm considering this...

Trying to figure out the different options -- found a comparison page:
3 x main versions of their photo management software:

* Ultimate
* Pro
* Standardseems to me most people would want at least the Pro version.
The following is what you get in the Ultimate version only (there may be a couple of other things I missed)
what you only get in UltimateIdeal for parametric photo manipulation using layers (see below)
Smooth out flaws without losing texture with Frequency Separation
Layered Editor for graphic design, move layers non-destructively, delete selected pixels
Make masks from selections, feather, invert, and keep track of your masks with overlay options
.acdc file format for reopening images in Edit mode in the future
Blending modes and opacity adjustments for combined layers

RE parametric: "When you edit an image by creating instructions for adjustment – rather than adjusting the actual pixels – you are working parametrically. This is the way that camera raw images are edited, and is now used with other file types." (from

Found this review of the 2018 version which was more helpful.
Re the different versions:
Ultimate is obviously the most powerful version, but Professional is still a capable RAW workflow editor and library manager. It doesn't offer the ability to use layer-based editing, or the ability to make Photoshop-style edits to the actual pixel layout of your images.
--- End quote ---
I guess if I'm not sure what the Ultimate-only stuff actually means, I probably dont need it...
Re management
The Manage module covers your general library interaction, where you do all your tagging, flagging and keyword entry. You can also do a range of batch editing tasks, upload your images to a series of online services, including Flickr, Smugmug and Zenfolio, and create slideshows. I found this module extremely useful and comprehensive, and many other RAW editors could take notes, with the exception of the fact that you can't review items at 100% zoom without switching to the 'View' module.
--- End quote ---
which sounds good:
I'm particularly interested in ease of use when tagging.
I bought Photo Supreme (formerly idimager) a few years ago, it's a solid programme but doesnt make it particularly easy to build a system of tags, and to really easily tag photos (when you have a huge collection that needs to get organised, you want something that's really efficient there). So I didnt upgrade when the time came.

I remember having used ACDSee as my image viewer in the ... 90s? Looks like they killed their free version some time in the past two decades though.

"Save up to 43% on our top products," until 23d May at noon PT.
-rjbull (May 20, 2018, 02:54 PM)
--- End quote ---
that's another five hours as of this posting :-\

Okay, I went for the Pro version. Converted to 50.83 euros (CC conversion -- I notice Paypal always tries to charge a couple of euros more when converting, so I dont allow it).

We'll see how things go -- will report how my experience is, and try to write a mini-review. Dont hold your breath though ;-)


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