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Compare folders with identical files, but .. different file names

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does it recognise that files are the same even if named differently?
-tomos (May 19, 2018, 02:08 PM)
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Good Q. I had thought that it did, but I tested it just now to make sure and it seems to do a comparison of Filename AND content (checksum) - i.e., NOT just a comparison of the checksums.
So that's not much use to you, I guess.

Bother! Sorry to mislead you. I should have tested it before commenting.

Actually, I might post this as a query on the xplorer² user forum. Will let you know if I get a useful response.

I just checked at (xplorer²) user forum.
There I searched and found an old discussion where they recommended Beyond Compare which has Features that include: Compare files or clipboard contents.
So that might be worth a trial. It's not $FREE though and not particularly cheap either...

@dcwul62: If none of the other solutions pan out, I could probably add this functionality to my SFV Ninja program.

There are quite a few duplicate file finder programs out there designed to find files that are the same even though the names and/or time stamps are different.  I'd imagine that most of them would be able to report 'orphans' as well.

Unfortunately, I haven't used any of them in ages so I'm no position to suggest one, but I think googling for "duplicate file finder" would net you something worth trying.

Fast Duplicate File Finder claims to do the taks you want.
I dont try myself, found by google in this article from Trouble fixers

Edit: after read your FULL post I find what this software dont show the unique files besides only shows the identical ones. So i dont know if suits yours needs.

The tool should therefore 'hide' identical files.-dcwul62 (May 19, 2018, 07:59 AM)
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They gave you the answer on the DOpus forum.

The first seven files on the right are renamed copies of the last seven on the left plus an extra file thrown in on the right to show it wasn't in the left side.

Compare folders with identical files, but .. different file names

Files that have identical MD5 hashes are selected on both sides.

Compare folders with identical files, but .. different file names

A modified script from here hides selected files, (simple search of the forum), leaving the files that aren't identical to any on the other side.

Compare folders with identical files, but .. different file names

Compare folders with identical files, but .. different file names

Hide button:

--- Code: Javascript ---function OnClick(clickData){        var cmdSource = clickData.func.command;//      cmdSource.ClearFiles();         var cmdDest = DOpus.create.command;        cmdDest.SetSourceTab(clickData.func.desttab); //      cmdSource.RunCommand("Select DESELECTNOMATCH SOURCETODEST=in");//      cmdDest.RunCommand("Select DESELECTNOMATCH SOURCETODEST=in");        cmdSource.RunCommand("Select NOPATTERN HIDESEL");        cmdDest.RunCommand("Select NOPATTERN HIDESEL");}
UnHide function is identical to the one on the forum that Leo posted.


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