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Myst 25th Anniversary Collection (9 days of 15 left to go).


Only just now saw this special offer in my mailbox: (only 9 days of 15 left to go)
There's a good FAQ at the link.
Myst 25th Anniversary Collection
A limited-time, limited-run opportunity to get an exclusively packaged collection of all of the Myst games - only through Kickstarter.


The Myst 25th Anniversary Collection
To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the epic game that became your world, Cyan is offering a never-been-done-before, historical anthology of the complete series, along with some special, Atrus-approved, authentic game artifacts! The collection and artifacts will be packaged in a unique box - available only through this Kickstarter, with a limited run, for a limited time. (Seriously, the games will be available later, but the special packaging and artifacts will not be sold again!)... (lots more at the link).

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Here's a working link, for people who are lazy like me:

Here's a working link, for people who are lazy like me:
-Deozaan (May 14, 2018, 02:32 PM)
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Thanks. Apologies. in my haste, I had omitted that - I thought I had done it.
More haste, less speed.    :-[


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