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Comparative Review of Writers' Tools (INITIAL DRAFT)

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Somewhat annoyed that my health interrupted my review, although to be fair I might have been too busy with other things to have started if the issues hadn't been there. I will resume soon.

I have started to collect and organise all my writing projects and there might be some interest in which programs I have started to use.

First is doogiePIM. For bits and pieces, organising, notes, ideas etc. Mostly because it does quite a lot and is comfortable (for me) to use. The big disadvantage is that it is Windows only, which rules out my using it for major projects.

Next is NoteZilla. Totally unexpected, but liberating in my use of other programs. Works well on iOS and Android but the advantages only really come into play on a large multi monitor system. I can display all the source notes I'm using exactly where they are most helpful. This means that I don't need equivalent functionality in the program I'm writing in. Can also be used as a corkboard. Am starting to use it on all projects where it has a use.

yWriter. I'm using this for the biggest of my current projects. Very simple but functional program but has the advantage of working on iOS and Android too. Using this forces me to using an outside program for spreadsheet planning though. Also slightly concerned by the developing file variations (yw5, yw6, yw7) since I can see this being a source of problems.

Rightnote & Evernote combination. I think I might use this for a more complex collection of works, but am slightly put off by fact that I don't find it writing friendly. There have been a number of updates since I was in touch with developer, but they haven't improved any of the features that impact my use. Also the use on multiple platforms requires that all the writing has to be in Evernote format, which is limiting.

WriteMonkey for short to medium projects that aren't organisation heavy.

I'm still likely to use the Google system with PaperPile for more academic writing.

Am investigating Atlantis & Jarte for extra rtf editing.

I am feeling the attractions of Gingko for out of sequence writing.

I seem to have abandoned OneNote. Again.
I'm also feeling no love for the more complex and complete writing programs such as Scrivener et al. The complexity feels that they will reduce productivity without any compensating advantage.

Please see some remarks of mine here:
(page 4 bottom and twice-and-short page 5 top)
and then further down there, on top of page 16:

I've added my provisional interim conclusions to the original post.

I can see that when I have finished, I am going to have to tidy up the formatting.

DoogiePIM will have an Android client at some stage, it has been promised by the developer

DoogiePIM will have an Android client at some stage, it has been promised by the developer
-rgdot (December 15, 2018, 09:50 AM)
--- End quote ---
Which would be great, but it's quite a longstanding aspiration. And such a huge program that it would surely have to be a very cut down version on Android.


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