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Comparative Review of Writers' Tools (INITIAL DRAFT)

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HnM got trial version to test, price always matters i know. You can do any job that needs "readable or printable content". For me, extra features like GitHub offers that many can edit and you can merge etc those stuff lead me to that program. I did not regret it. Payment also include Quality Central for direct support. Sorry if i misspelled something! And no i do not work for them so i stop advertise it  8)

Forgot to tell, this link can list similar programs for way cheaper price or freeware.
To replace HnM the results arent good to the thing you want to do, but there you can enter any highprized product. Just as another suggestion you might concider to try out?

True. But it's aimed at online help or user manuals (small market, corporate bias). May well be very competitive in that field (that's why I didn't say it was expensive). But for more general use, where it has a good range of normal features, it's feature list looks OK but nothing special. Better value in $ than € or £, but $598 is still way above most general writing programs. So may be a good choice if you already have it, but hardly enticing otherwise. Of course I don't write user manuals.

PS I have a lifetime subscription to ProWritingAid, and it was very cheap in comparison.
-Dormouse (June 24, 2018, 11:49 AM)
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I have a lifetime sub to ProWritingAid too... got it on sale.  HnM also has sales, and I've seen it for about the same as a ProWritingAid lifetime sub.

I've been thinking about whether there are alternative workflows that don't include spreadsheets.
-Dormouse (June 24, 2018, 08:51 AM)
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There aren't alternatives that perform the same function, although most writers won't bother to check and will just try to keep it in mind.
The story lines don't cut it, Aeon Timeline has has a different function.
Needs easy hide & unhide (excludes doogiePIM spreadsheet), but most spreadsheets are probably fine (I've checked RightNote, Excel, Google).
Doesn't change any conclusions, as it is as easy to do in an external program as in a linked one.

Steven Avery:
Let's say you are doing a practical non-fiction book that will have planned out chapters, and you have a lot of source material with which to work. (In my case I have the info and many pictures on a special forum as well as urls in Linkman.)  I am involved in one that shows the evidences that Codex Sinaiticus is an 1800s production, not 300s.

Then I think the de minimis need would be like this:

Good RTF and picture capture is nice.
Export to book formats would be nice, but not necessary. When the time comes, you can cut-and-paste and tweak.



Top Tabs, flexible, movable, that could be each individual chapter, starting with outline, TOC, ending with Footnotes and Bibliography.
Side Explorer type interface that could be the units and sub-units within the chapter.

RightNote is one that seems to have those actions.


If you don't have something equivalent to that view-flow, it won't be as good.

Two questions.

a) Is my logic sound?  And what can you add?

b) If it is sound what are some of the RightNote alternatives and how do they compare?




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