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Mini review: The Journal

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The Journal to keep a diary, to write, to create reminders

App NameThe JournalApp URL Version Reviewed7.0.0.1099Test System SpecsWin 10 1803Supported OSesWindows 10/8/7/Vista/XPSupport MethodsEmail recommendedUpgrade Policy$29.95 to upgrade from v.6 and olderTrial Version Available?45-Day full versionPricing Scheme$64.95 US, a few paid add-ons such as a Devotional Edition and Writers Edition which include presets for keeping a journal of prayers and aid you in writing respectivelyRelationship btwn. Reviewer and Product No relationship, won a copy on the April 2018 giveaway here on DonationCoder
The Journal is most of all a record keeper, a diary or journal with added benefits of supporting reminders, images, to do lists and free form "doodles".

Mini review: The Journal

Who is this app designed for:

Many would benefit since this overlaps a personal information manager with writing tools.

The Good

The tree style categories that support both a calendar or daily journal format or writing kept in a "loose leaf" format which as its name suggest is like a white page.
The possibility to display a day calendar to a page adds flexibility in creating reminders and remembering any writing by date.
There is big emphasis on securing the database including entry encryption, password protection, lock up on minimize. Plus 'extended security' to lock the program after X failed logins.
Plenty of formatting options and support for icons, tables, timers and stop watch.
Word counts, spell check and thesaurus included.
Global or filtered (date, title, category, image description based) search add more usefulness. Search queries can be saved.
Bookmark entries, move between entries based on set dates (eg 1 year ago)
Built in back and restore option, auto save as you type.

Why I think you should use this product

The product seems stable enough to keep records and makes it easy to save your database in any location including cloud drives to share across devices as its license allows this.

The extended trial period makes it very easy to decide if price is worth it and it fits into a user's workflow. It is a well rounded information manager.

Thanks for posting this, rgdot  :up:
The more mini-reviews the better!

I have a copy and found the author to be responsive.

I have a copy and found the author to be responsive.

-cranioscopical (May 14, 2018, 08:43 AM)
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I'd echo this.

Want to publicly thank David, the author, for being generous and allowing a free upgrade to version 8 of The Journal :up:

About the new version, quoting the program site:
The Journal 8’s new features:
Improved searching! Searching your entries from the main UI is faster and easier than ever before–and encompasses all your active categories!
Improved security! Your entries have never been safer! The Journal now uses 128-bit AES (American Encryption Standard) throughout, and uses salted, iterated hashing to secure your passwords.
Improved topics!
Improved drag-and-drop support! Drag-and-drop entries between categories, between users, and even Journal Volumes! Drag-and-drop files directly into the entry tree!
PDF support! Easily print (or save or export) your entries to PDFs!
More word processing power!
New visual themes!
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