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FARR - Use Hotstring not hotkey


Hello all,

may i use a hotstring instead of hotkey

i really cant remember these long combinations

example i would like to use

xap  for FARR to open up

Second Question

May i import my search folders

I am doing one by one adding which folders to search  -its quite long process
thank you  :)

Are you really sure the string "xap" will be easier to recall than a hotkey like Pause or Control+Space?

Anyway, I don't think FARR has an option to open through a hotstring. But you can make a hotstring script with AutoHotkey.

--- ---:*:xap:: {Pause}
For more details see this help page

One trick to learn a new single key hotkey is to tape a small piece of paper to it on the keyboard so you'll recall it at a glance until you have it in muscle memory.

Hello there,

thank you for your reply.

I do abhor these long sequences CTRL SHIFT ALT  + ABC etc

I never can remember them.

Every application wants to use them
So i was trying to make my own memorable ones with hotstrings

Please M, can you give us some wings to fly, so i can use FARR, a bit more

Can you add the hotstrings functionality if you can in future

i have so many folders to rememeber :D


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