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Help with laptop


hello guys!

I have a serious problem with my Lenovo Yoga 13 (first model) and I would really be grateful if you can help me solve it so that I won't have to waste £500 for a new laptop.

Basically, it's a convertible with touchscreen, and now I that restarted it, the screen shows as an A4, ie the screen is rotated 90 degrees!

I am worried that it is damaged because it fell few days ago, but it didn't behave like that immediately after.

Any idea??
Can I just completely disable screen rotation or something?

its possible the orientation detection sensor got broken.. you might need to just turn it off and figure out how to manually set orientation.

Being an Intel graphics adapter there's usually hotkeys associated with screen rotation, traditionally it was Control + Alt + (cursor key)

Ctrl + Alt + Left = Rotate 90° counter-clockwise
Ctrl + Alt + Right = Rotate 90° clockwise
Ctrl + Alt + Down = Rotate 180°
Ctrl + Alt + Up = Normal orientation


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