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Add Border To Screenshot Is Not Working

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Once again, Edit > Preferences > Post-Capture Options > Add Border to Image  plus  > Special Effects Options > Border Color, Width, and Default Border Type  fails to add a border to captured images.
What's the fix for this?

That is just for changing the style of border that gets applied, WHEN you apply a border.
To actually add a border, from menu choose SpecialFX2->Border around Image, or use the toolbar button for it.

Hi Mouser ~
Sorry to be such a pain about this, but I just can't seem to get it back to my old setting where:
SHFT-PrntScreen > drag area  would bring up a simple window (not the whole SC window) showing the capture with a border,  with the Name box empty so all I'd have to do was enter a name and hit <Enter> and I'd have a saved image with border.

Now somehow I've got it to where when I capture, the whole ScreenShotCaptor window opens and the Name box has a long name in it which I must delete before naming, which is a real bother.

How can I get a border and, when captured, the simple window with empty Name box?

I know I've asked you about this at least three times before and I appreciate your patience.

Let's handle the simple and important one first.  To change what happens when you take a screenshot, go to preferences and Interface Tab, and choose "After Capture Show" as "Pop Up Choice Dialog":

This is such an important setting that there are actually several places you can change it, from the right-click system tray menu, to the pop-up dialog itself.

Now the popup choice dialog presented after capture actually has several tweaks you can make to match your workflow, you can find them in the "Advanced Tweaking" - > Quick Bar and Post Cap preference tab, at the bottom.

From that tab you can change things like where your cursor starts out when that post-capture pop up is shown, etc.


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