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NANY 2019: RegexCaptor - Simple app to extract email or other patterns from text

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I have corrected the link to the old Linebyter program.

As of now, Regex Captor doesn't provide much if anything that other tools don't provide.

But I am open to feature requests if there are problems it might solve that other tools don't -- it would be fun if we could figure out some features that made the tool genuinely useful over other tools.

A useful feature could be to apply some automatic formatting to the results list, maybe similar to regex replace, where you can re-use the found result to create complete new texts:

--- Code: Text ---<mailout name="\1" type="mailto">mailto://\1</mailout>Resultlist:

--- Code: Text ---<mailout name="[email protected]" type="mailto">mailto://[email protected]</mailout><mailout name="[email protected]" type="mailto">mailto://[email protected]</mailout>
(OT: The code=xml or code=html forum tags don't seem to work as intended, reverting to 'text' for now)

I think that's a great idea, I will add it.

ReExCaptor featured on GHacks.


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