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NANY 2019: RegexCaptor - Simple app to extract email or other patterns from text

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This is a very simple beta release of a program to extract email addresses or other regular expressions from text files.

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This is a very simple task.  I needed to extract email addresses from bounced emails in order to remove them from the donationcoder mailing lists.  This is a fairly simple task for a commandline regular expression extractor tool, but I like to be able to drag+drop and get some visual interaction.

I tried a few "free" tools for doing this and they were ALL adware, shareware, feature limited.  Just horrible.  I don't know when we got to a point where people think they can list software unambiguously as "free" and have it be filled with adware or be horribly crippled until you buy the full version.  :down:

So I decided to write my own tool, with hopes for improving it.  The goals are similar to CodeByters Linebyter which I have used in the past but whose source code was lost.

Again this is a very simple tool, it has a few minor features that make it useful for specific tasks:

* You can create your own list of common regular expression search patterns and select between them easily.
* You can specify a portion of the expression that should be extracted and listed.
* You can specify additional patterns to be ignored (in regex or plaintext format).
* The final list is sorted and duplicates removed.
* Easy to search multiple files; remembers file list.
Again this is a very niche tool but I may add features to it to make it more useful for other tasks.  If you already have a good regular expression "extractor" that you are happy with, this is unlikely to replace it.

Oooh! That's rather nifty. Could come in rather handy. Thankyou.

Works rather well, and has helpful suggestions/favourites, etc.    :Thmbsup:

By the way:

* it shows up in DcUpdater as:     v1.01.9, with no web version (yet).
* the executable file is shown as: v1.1.2.0
* the GUI "About" says it is:        v1.01.02
* the Help file (Overview) says:          v1.01.01 - Apr 23, 2013 <-- !
* the Help file (Version History) says:   v1.01.01 - Apr 23, 2018

Sounds like a useful tool, much more convenient than extracting stuff using notepad++ :Thmbsup:

The goals are similar to CodeByters Linebyter which I have used in the past but whose source code was lost.
-mouser (May 04, 2018, 06:36 PM)
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That link isn't accessible for me, but that can be just me...

Nope.  Not just you.


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