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Autodesk Sketchbook is now free


Carol Haynes:
I had some problems yesterday activating a license for my copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 so I contacted their technical support.

Autodesk have just decided in the last few days to make Sketchbook a free product.

For Windows desktop apps and Mac you can download it from here:

If you are on Windows 10 (and can face using their app store) you can get it here:

There are also Android and iOS versions (though they seem to have some sort of subscription - I guess to to do with cloud sahring between all your devices).


Thanks Carol :up:

The site shows a promotional video which actually has very little to do with Autodesk:
it's a very inspirational video, featuring Jay Shuster (imdb link), a designer who worked on Star Wars: Episodes I & II, Cars 2 & 3 etc etc. Also a fascinating story of a boy's introverted obsessions with mechanics and design -- and 'kit bashing' (making models from multiple kits), and how these evolve into a rewarding career.
Autodesk Sketchbook is now free
Autodesk Sketchbook is now free

Jay Shuster - On Inspiration

Downloading !!!!!  :-* ;D


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