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PSA: New RightNote upgrade


I bought Rightnote, but quickly decided it wasn't for me, and went back to Evernote.  I figured this alert might be good for people using RightNote, that might not read it before updating.


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Hi there,

We recently released v4.4.2 of RightNote. A couple of users were upset to find out that their current license no longer worked with this version - only after they had gone to the trouble of installing the update.They would have liked to be informed about this before updating - not after.

So I am writing this message just to inform you, that a RightNote license includes free updates for a period of 12 months. After that period your license will not work with further updates, and if you do update, the Program will revert to the Freeware edition, where certain notes are read-only. (Of course this does not apply to Lifetime upgrade licenses)

You can best tell when you purchased your license by going to Help->About.

So once again my apologies to those of you who had this upset, and I hope to include a warning about this in upcoming versions.

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I really, really wish installers were made to check for this, before running.

I really, really wish installers were made to check for this, before running.
-rjbull (May 03, 2018, 04:01 PM)
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I agree with you.  It's also why I really like point upgrades, instead of time based ones.  If you're not going to give lifetime licenses as standard, make it for a revision.  It makes it clearer than saying something weasely like 12 months.  Who keeps up with that?  Or if you're going to do time-based, embed the time into the license, and display it to the user on the interface that they're out of their license.

I virtually never upgrade annually. A few things on an annual licence (eg 365) that I'll keep; a few things on an annual licence that I will review (eg EN, NoteZilla) before continuing; but mostly I either have a lifetime licence or I will upgrade sporadically - far closer to 5 years than 1. Major version upgrades are OK because there is a choice every time - but I only go with those if they are infrequent enough.

The main thing must be to avoid upsetting a group of committed users which seems to be what has happened here.


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