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Case Change Not Registered on Clipboard


I just copied a line of text from Chrome that was all uppercase.  I uses CHS to change to title case and accepted the reformatted clip.  On the main CHS window, the change was applied.  When I subsequently pasted it into the Excel spreadsheet I was working in, it came in as all uppercase.  Checking the quick paste menu(?) you get by clicking on the tray icon, the entry there was still all uppercase.  I had to go back into the main window and double click the title case version then go over to Excel and past it in.  That time I got the correct case.

And sorry for not knowing all the correct CHS terminology.  I'm a fairly noob user of CHS.

What you experienced is expected behavior, but I can definitely see why it's confusing.
When you use the main CHS window to initiate the modification of the text of a clip, it updates the clip but doesn't put the new clip onto the clipboard.
However, that's not hard to do -- there is a little orange clipboard icon just a little bit left of the "Modify Format/Case" button you can press to put the clip you are editing into the clipboard:

Now you might think that is too much work to do -- but that's only because going through the main window is not meant for efficient quick changing of text to be re-pasted.

If you want to set up a fast efficient workflow for modifying text that you plan to quickly copy and repaste, you should use the quick-paste menu (ctrl+alt+q hotkey by default), and then choose 'T' for formatting presets -- where you can quickly copy the selected text and apply one of your saved formatting presets, or choose the last option to invoke the modification dialog on the selected text.

With that option you can very quickly modify the selected text AND it will automatically put the modified text on the clipboard (and in fact try to paste it into your current app).

Once you get the hang of that, CHS can be very convenient and quick for making frequent changes of text.

Sorry for the long delay on replying.  Thanks for answering.

Actually, I do think it's to much work.  ;)

I see no reason CHS couldn't push the modified clip back onto the clipboard automatically.  It is, however, a departure from how it works now and presumably since the beginning of time(?) so it seems like a perfect candidate for a Options setting - Update Clipboard with Modified Clips, or some such, and off by default.  I would turn it on immediately.  My thinking is, if I went in there to reformat the text, I probably want to do something with it right away, like oh, I don't know... paste it?  ;)

And thanks for the usage lesson.  I get that you envisioned the use of the Ctrl+Alt+Q as the preferred/primary interface, but I've always used the main CHS window, and used the similar window in ClipMate for all the years I used it, too.  I will, however, try to use the Ctrl+Alt+Q interface a bit more and see if it suits my workflow any better. 

if I went in there to reformat the text, I probably want to do something with it right away, like oh, I don't know... paste it?  ;)
-djMot (May 09, 2018, 12:18 PM)
--- End quote ---
if you use the Quick-Paste menu you can paste it straight away, multiple times if you want.
e.g. I just copied You can still use bulletin board from this page and want to paste it in title case:
Ctrl+Alt+Q [default customisable hotkey for quick-paste menu] > T [shows formatting sub-menu] > 4 [for 'Title Case']
will paste the last copied clip as:
You Can Still Use Bulletin Board


* It is not re-saved to the CHS clipboard with the new formatting, so if I paste something else and want to then paste the formatted clip again, I will have to reapply the formatting. Seems more logical to me that it would be saved with new formatting as a new clip in the CHS clipboard.
* Using the Quick-Paste menu, I'm not sure how to apply the formatting to any clips other than the most recently copied.


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