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Fundraiser 2018 Money - Help Decide Where it Goes

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For those mentioned in this thread who want a 3d custom painted cody award -- send me an email to [email protected] with your shipping address.

And also, we need to figure out what text you want on the front and along the edge.

And also, we need to figure out what text you want on the front and along the edge.
-mouser (May 06, 2018, 01:25 PM)
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Can we get an idea how it will look like for text, i.e. some screen shot as an example.



@skwire: Thanks for the nomination but anything anyone feels I should receive can go to mouser to apportion as he sees fit or to help with hosting costs.

Although, given my recent posts to some ... errrr ... frustrating(?) members of the community I am sorely in need of a replacement.

4wd mail me your shipping info and I will send you a replacement mug.

:-[ Are you still having such an awesome fundraiser? I have been using lots of the stuff here over the time and I would like to contribute seeing how much it helps you going on.
-Umanles (January 08, 2021, 03:41 PM)
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The 2018 Fundraiser has long since ended, but if you wish to make a contribution to the website (and get yourself a lifetime key to DC software too!) then you can do so here:

Once you have donated then you can choose to donate it all to the website, or you can distribute "DonationCredits" to users (You choose how much and to who).  You can do this by clicking on a users profile (after you have donated), scrolling down on the first page and clicking "Make a donation to this user" - for example,;u=2 - this link will take you to mousers profile (mouser being the owner of, where you can see the option :)


I just wanted to apologise for the delay in approving your message on the forum.  On the weekends, first post approvals move a little slower :)


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