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Fundraiser 2018 Money - Help Decide Where it Goes

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I'd like to see Mouser get a chunk of change so he can buy himself a present or whatever.  Skwire also deserves a decent amount.  Both people are well deserving of money.

I'd like to see Mouser get a chunk of change so he can buy himself a present or whatever.
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As I said before, I get a big share of the donations coming into the site on a daily basis, and I'd like to use the fundraiser money for other things.

excludes a lot of people that just don't do the coding snacks, but more indepth things, and not just for NANY.  Just my opinion on that.
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Agreed.  I'd be happy if we wanted to give the money away as NANY prizes/recognition as well.. However, I started warming to the idea of giving it money to coding snack authors because:

* 1. It's simpler and easier to identify a small number of major contributors to coding snacks
* 2. Coding snacks are one of the few places people can come and get some direct benefit from the site from coders who spend real time on the site.
* 3. NANY entries would be a natural alternative to give some money to -- the problems are a larger group of people to figure out how to distribute among; the issue that NANY people aren't necessarily people who hang out on the forum a lot.
* 4. I like the idea of the money going to people who are actively involved in the site in some way.

So mainly in an attempt to make our life simpler and actually get this done, I'm suggesting that the money go to coders who are forum regulars who are identifiable as people who code things in request to or interaction with users on the forum.  This can stretch beyond coding snacks but the idea is the same.

If this is generally acceptable, the only question left is who else besides skwire should get some of the first $1,000 we give out?  It's very easy to overlook folks, so please chime in and nominate yourself.

I'm not sure where the other fund-raising related threads are:
I know in one of them, Skwire made a quite comprehensive list of coders.


Skrommel is a mysterious person.  He came back this year and coded some new snacks.  He has $2,000 in donationcredits that have been there for years that he refuses to cash out.  :huh:


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