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Slow capture

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andi_sbg: idea what could be the reason

Ath: idea what could be the reason
-andi_sbg (May 23, 2018, 11:45 AM)
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Please provide some more technical details about your computer, like OS-version, Graphics adapter(s) model and make, driver versions, number of monitors and monitor resolution in use and Windows scaling factor (100%, 125%), etc., to aid in finding the cause of this issue.

@mouser, you could provide a debug release (by default) for the few people that are having troubles like these to generate debug logs, or maybe even have a parameter that enables logging like that...

Good idea with tech details, I will send these.

I think there are some good and free software tools that I could use to gather all this information. Any hints what I could look for?

Have we already asked how many screenshots are already in your screenshot directory?  Sometimes if you have a huge number of screenshots there, it can slow down the updating of the window.

in the main directory are about 615 items (.JPG and .OBJECTS). This directory also has 4 sub directories.


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