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Screenshot Captor v4.29.0 frequently using 25% of CPU


I've been using Screenshot Captor for years, and I don't know when this problem started, but I've noticed recently that it's frequently using around 25% of the CPU cycles when it's supposedly not doing anything. When I observe it's usage for a while (when it's idle), I see it periodically go from 0% up to around 25%. This appears to be cyclical. It seems to spend about half the time at 0% and the other half of the time at approximately 25%. It's not an all-at-once jump up to 25% -- it usually takes a few seconds to climb up and again to come back down, and it usually stays at about 25% for around 25 seconds. I haven't been able to identify any events that might be triggering this. It also is usually non-responsive when it's CPU usage is high, to the point that Windows tells me it's non-responsive if I try to close it, even though the total CPU usage for the PC is almost always 60% or less. Reinstalling it made no difference.

How many screenshots do you have in your screenshot directory? If you move those to another folder, does the problem stop?
And lastly, what option do you have on the "Startup Options" tab under "Inactive Memory Use"?

Thanks for the quick reply, Mouser. Inactive Memory Use was/is set to Normal. There were a lot of image files in the screenshot folder, and after moving most of them, the problem seems to have gone away. What is it doing that uses so much of the CPU when there are a lot of files in the screenshot folder? Would it make a difference if most of the files were kept in subfolders of the screenshot folder, or would I have to move them somewhere else to prevent this from happening?

Moving them to a subfolder should cure the problem as well.

The thing is that Screenshot Captor code itself is not doing anything that would be responsible for the cpu use.  When you aren't moving around in SC, the SC code is not doing anything at all.  BUT the thumbnail panel is an explorer instance showing the contents of a folder, and what may be happening is system and library triggers may be causing it to occasionally rescan the directory, etc.


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