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Wrist watch voice recorder

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Do you know any quality wrist watch with voice recording capability?
I want to switch recording on with a button or switch and to record without any indication.

I bought some cheap chinese stuff but their quality is horrendous!


Just get a decent normal voice recorder or use your phone.

It's not illegal in the UK to record a private conversation in which you are a party.

It will, however, be a problem if you then choose to distribute that recording without the permission of the other parties.

I know, but I want to record it secretly hihihi

I know, but I want to record it secretly hihihi
-kalos (April 21, 2018, 07:05 PM)
--- End quote ---

Not sure why "I want to be creepy as fuck" is funny...but ok?

I should also point out that if I was ever recorded without my permission (spoken conversations) by a person I was conversing with, I'd likely remove their recording device and insert it into somewhere they would find uncomfortable.

Just sayin'.


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