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BazQux Reader - Mini-Review

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BazQux can act as a feed-reader for YouTube channels
-IainB (June 16, 2018, 05:36 AM)
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Oh this is cool! I use Newsblur and after you mentioned Bazqux doing this I checked and Newsblur has this functionality. With both Twitter and YouTube, I find the signal to noise ratio to be bad. I miss most of it, especially what I want to see. Following a handful of important ones in my feed reader fixes that. Both Newsblur and Bazqux solve for this.

It has been years since I last tried Bazqux, I'm checking it out again today. My initial impression is that it's definitely faster, and the filter options are really cool. It's a bit abrasive and I find the topography a lot less pleasant, especially for long-form reading. I'm considering subscribing. If I did, would it replace newsblur, or would I use both to consume different types of information? Time will tell!

You've been using it a while -- any pro tips? I'm still feeling my way around the different viewing options.


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