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Password for Launchbar Commander Preferences / Options

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Is there any way to incorporate a password prompt before the "Configure Preference and Options" right click menu option can be stop an arbitary user from fiddling with settings.


As a short-term alternative, you could set the ini file to read-only... though that would probably result in errormessages when someone tries to change settings :huh:

Thanks, I'll give that a try, but it would be nice to have a password option in the menu.

Yeah, it's not something I'm planning on adding to my apps.
However, another option you could use would be a custom script to monitor and automatically close certain window dialogs that are shown -- so if the current user every tried to open the options dialog it would be immediately closed.
That could be a coding snack that someone could write.

Anyone interested in attempting a code snack on this topic?  :tellme:


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