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play sound based on IP package received


Hey all,

newbie here ... hope I am in the right section ... and ... maybe what I search for already exists (i hoped so but have not found through my researches):

I am coding a freeware library for IP based home automation, it's PHP classes that will run on any PHP server and hopefully enable users to "code" their own logic by using "bricks". For a number of use-cases, there's a need for a audible feedback to the user, if an actin is recognized, a butto pressed and the procedure successfully (or failurefully) started/ended.

As my thinking is IP based, I an in serach for a program that can (significance of wishlist in order of appearance):

- output sound based on frequence-length info sent by an (TCP/UDP)IP package
- output stored soundfiles
- accept sent sound files and stor/play them

The first option is obviously the main one, but if the second/third would be "doable" that would be beneficiary as then one could even play "Cortana's" answers type of sounds.

Also, it would be very nice, if the program would either run on small devices like RasPi or, even better, would support dually RasPi's AND Windows devices (which a lot of home automation extensions run on vs. Linux)

Any hint on existing programs are very welcome. Also, I think there might in the near future be a commercial possibility for such a product (which I do not follow but forsee).

Thanks all!


Hey, welcome to the site jwka! Sounds like a very fun project, looking forward to hearing more about it.  :Thmbsup:


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