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How to hide automatic screenshotter?

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Please, help me how to hide automatic screenshotter window at startup?

I try all, but everytime at pc start automatic screenshotter window is shown on screen. The only way to hide it is to click on file->exit. But this stops program to make screenshots.

I really don't understand: How to spy someone with this software when program window is always shown???

See this option (and the one after it):

Yes, start with windows and Start minimized are checked, "show tray icon" is on NEVER. May be I must use standard version? I use now portable version.

P.S. I speak about this window - see screen.

Portable version should be exactly the same, and yes that window should not be shown if the start minimized option is set.

Thanks for your answer. Should not be shown, but is shown  :(

Close button (X on right) only minimize program in tray, the only way to hide window is to click on file-exit. But after this program stop. The question is: how to hide this window without to stop program?

I am with admin user rightsC, on WIN7.


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