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Programming Language Question

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Often asked, of course.  Just wondering what Skwire uses in addition to Auto Hotkey.  Do one of the big languages stand out?

Recently watched a video where a programmer said, "Today all the languages can achieve nearly anything.  No one is inherently better than another."

Nicholas Kormanik

Here are some big questions you have to ask yourself when thinking about what language to use and learn, the answers to these will greatly effect which language is best..

* Are you primarily interested in learning good concepts and habits of coding or are you more interested in writing programs that do useful things?
* What platforms are you most interested in? Windows, Mac, Ipad, Android Phone, Linux, micro controllers?
* How important is GUI to you?  Are you interested in making desktop heavy UI applications, or academic console based applications, or games?
* Are you interested in getting a lot done quickly, or writing code that is super clean and organized but may take orders of magnitude longer to write?

Those are excellent questions Mouser! Anyone want to take a stab at a chart with those as column headers, and A-F (or 1-5) rankings for languages with which they are familiar?

I think you forgot one. Are you interested in making a living with your skills?

Are you interested in making a living with your skills?
--- End quote ---
Yes, very good.


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