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Scroll capture - Errors and Home button

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the software has a great potential. However for scrolling capture, I have encountered following problems:

1) If the number of screenshot is over about 200, the following message appears when finished: "Not enough storage is available to process this command"
2) I have tried to divide the task into two (100 + 100) however the "Home" button is automatically pushed and it always starts at beginning. Would it be possible to disable the autopush of Home button or make it as an option?

3) The save as separate files function is great! Thank you. (the internal combining function does not work best for me, but this way I can use external tools intended for panorama stitching).

Best regards,


Ok a couple of things:

1. When the scrolling window capture dialog comes up, on the left hand side you will actually see a maximum memory use option -- In today's modern pc, you should be able to make that number a lot bigger than the default -- that may solve your memory isses.
2. Starting out sending home button -- ok maybe I can add an option to disable that.
3. Thanks for saying you appreciate the feature -- I know most people don't know about it or have use for it so it's nice to hear that someone does.

Ad1) The memory limit was set to 12 GB, so I suppose it is not memory problem (the allocated memory from task manager was about 1,5 GB)
Ad2) The option to disable the autopush of home button would be usefull.

Best regards and big thanks for your development and time spent.


A 32 bit application, like Screenshot Captor, can allocate a max of about 1.5GB memory, so setting it to 12GB isn't probably gonna help much...
(unless, ofcourse, mouser added memory handling for > 2GB per process)

Hello mouser,

Any news on the disabling of sending a home key when starting a scrolling window capture?

Thank you,


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