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Link Snack 2.0


As per request by @Josh, I added CSV support to Link Snack. Create a CSV file in the following format:

Target file, Link Name, Start Dir, Location, Parameters, Icon

Start Dir, Parameters and Icon are optional

All file options require the fill path (i.e. Fill path to target, icon, location and Start Dir)
Start Link Snack and drag and drop the CSV file onto the dialog and it will be processed immediately. If there are any errors creating a link, a file called LinkErr.txt will be created in the same location as Link Snack.exe.

Download Link Snack 2.0


[EDIT] - Updated download link

[email protected]:
I would lik to see an option for arguements in a csv.  I have a number of files that need to create a shortcut directed toward 1 file but in arguements it needs to go to 700 files.

Or allow " in the full path so i could do "c:\directory\to\file" -g "directory\to\700 files



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