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Latest Steam Giveaway

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In the same spirit as the Latest GOG Giveaway thread, here's one dedicated to whatever game featured on Steam is free (to keep) if you claim it within the promotional window.

I'll start it off with what is being called a Weekend Giveaway for Crusader Kings II. Once you've claimed it, don't forget to nab the two DLCs the game has listed for free. One of them will automatically be claimed to your account. The other one you will need to manually claim.


Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Yet Another Zombie Defense are both free for a limited time.

And if you like YAZD, there's an HD remaster which is currently 75% off ($0.99) for a few days.

I just found out that Stories: The Path of Destinies is free this weekend (meaning it probably ends within 24 hours or so).

There's a PUBG parody game that is free (to keep) if you claim it within the first 100 hours since launch:

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

And another one. Claim this within ~48 hours to keep it forever:


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