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Update Timestamp of file based on time in filename

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I am looking for a way (script, or tool) that will update the timestamps of files based on the time in the filenames.
The time is always at the end of the filename, before the extensions.

Like: FilenameXYZ Bla-bla ddmmyyyy hhmmss.txt
or     FilenameXYZ Bla-bla yyyymmdd hhmmss.txt

I am already using a small script that updates the modified DATE, but not the modified TIME.

Have searched Internet for any tools, but regretfully can't find it.

ProgFileW10PShellModules.snippets-06-20141230 123456.txt  present date time : 15122003 141414
After updating date: the modified date reads 30-12-2014
but the time remains 14:14:14

I am looking for some tool, or so, that updates the time to 12:34:56

The default renamers can't do this.
I have no knowledge about programming.

If it is just 1 or just a few, then any ordinary attribute changer can handle that, but that is one by one, not in a batch.


What tool/script do you already have for updating the dates?

It is a vbs script to be used within Opus

Can you post the VBS snippet, please?

see pm


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