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The CIA releases the board games it uses to train its agents


Best use of a FOIA request ever!

You can now play the board games the CIA uses to train its agents, for free (via Reddit,

The two games released so far include:
Collection: Players use intelligence techniques to solve intelligence problems.

Kingpin: The Hunt for El Chapo: Seems to be a first stab at something like this, so no real summation in the documents.

When you click on the link, click download in the responsive documents collection.  Both files are rather large, and the games are rather intricate, and surprisingly intriguing!

The one I'm waiting for is Afghanistan Sustainability: COIN Dynamics, though the Collection Deck one is supposed to be like Collection, but with CCG type mechanics.  But both are still classified.

As someone commented on the Reddit thread:

The idea of CIA agents looking for trouble every turn they don't find a monster really makes my inner child happy. And a little scared.

--- End quote ---


Ha! Pretty interesting..

I wondered how long it would take for some enterprising soul to make this into a well-produced game.  Answer... not long.

In a campaign by Mike Mesnick (of TechDirt) on kickstarter- you too can play a game that was used to train CIA Agents!


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