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LogMeIn to shut down Xmarks on May 1, 2018


Sorry to hear this. I don't really trust the Firefox builtin sync, from the documentation it seems to be 2-way but that is not my recollection when I tried it. I have been using xmarks since app103 recommended it. IIRC it was after went away.

We reviewed the service back in 2009 for the first time and the rocky pass in the years that followed. The creators wanted to shut down the service back in 2010 but LastPass, makers of the password manager, stepped in and acquired Xmarks in the same year.

--- End quote ---

LogMeIn to shut down Xmarks on May 1, 2018

LogMeIn to shut down Xmarks on May 1, 2018

from Ghacks

Didn't think to post this as a separate topic- but posted an update in the ymarks thread which was recommended in that ghacks article.  Apparently tuxman had already received a twitter support request!

Nice! I totally missed that when I read the NANY 2018 roundup (and that is before I knew xmarks was going away). I'll check it out. :Thmbsup:

...and it's gone.  It's not even redirecting when you go to  It's just not resolving.

In absence of xmarks, I looked at a few different extensions that are on the store:

Papaly -

It's what I'm using after dismissing the other two pretty quickly.

Pros: It syncs with your bookmarks.
Cons: The sync appears to be one way, so you just have to use their 'new tab page' in order to access your bookmarks.  There is no android app for now.  Has no paid options, and blog was last updated in 2016.

It's been pretty cool... I have a lot of bookmarks, so it can be not instantaneous to switch tabs, but it is pretty quick, nonetheless.  It takes some getting used to- not using your bookmarks bar.  It has an extension that puts bookmarks directly into it.  The only downside is that you don't have it locally at that point.  It also syncs additions to the bookmarks and allows you to sync open tabs.  I'm satisfied with it for now, even if it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.  My only reservation is that it has no paid options, so I'm not sure how they make money.

I did send out an inquiry before I become to comfortable because of this.

Bookmark Manager -

Pros: It's by Google, It uses your google bookmarks account
Cons: It's by Google, It uses your google bookmarks account, and you have to sign into chrome.

I've been resisting the almost inexorable call from Google to sign into my browser.  Not about to start now, so  :down: on this one.  Google also deprecates services (I thought they had deprecated bookmarks at one time), so not about to get burned by another company to go for a company that burns products.

EverSync -

Looked quite promising.  Checked the site, though at  Saw pricing, and checked that.

$44.99 for a bookmarks synchronizer?  Per year?  Not likely.

I also thought about ymarks, but even though it looks promising, being realistic, it's a bit much for me on top of everything else I have on my plate right now.

There's also syncmarx (, but it's alpha, so didn't trial that.


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