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IDEA: Need an .MPCPL file editor

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I must admit that I haven't ever gotten around to trying and using AutoHotkey for any tasks. I knew it was available, but for the most part, I hadn't ever tried it for anything. Admittedly, I don't know enough about AHK because I would have thought that it would just run programs, not that it could "create" a program. Yes, I know that AHK uses scripts, but I was always under the impression that it just triggered existing programs. I'll have to look into it to see if it's worthwhile.

However, being able to avoid AHK and instead using a standalone program that either of you have the chance for, would actually be the preferable solution for what I'm looking for. I guess we all have things to look into.

By the way, I was looking over the script that you listed there to see if I could get an idea from what it was doing. Granted, I don't have any RL experience with AHK, but it looks like your idea is to create a brand new playlist from, say, a folder full of media, maybe even from a folder and it's subfolders. Unfortunately, that wasn't what I was hoping for. Rather, I was looking for the ability to edit existing playlists into the order I wish, and possibly add or remove some entries (Media item) in the list. I greatly apologize if I didn't make that clear.

Anyways, I'll check out your script to see what it does to see if I guess right from what I could read of it.

I'll check back. Thank you both for your responses!


It's not my script.  It's just one that I found in my research that I thought might be of use.  What it does is in the comments at the top, i.e. writes a Media Player Classic Playlist file for all video files in chosen directory.  Accent key launches the script.

That's okay, I realize it wasn't your script when you provided the link to where it came from. I was only referring to the fact that it really isn't what I'm trying to accomplish. Hopefully there is a solution out there.


Just as a matter of interest, what's wrong with a normal M3U file?

MPC, (Black Edition in my case), can save/read that format.


--- Code: Text ---#EXTM3UZ:\Misc Music & Videos\Andain_-Turn_Up_The_Sound_Chillout_Mix_.mp3Z:\Misc Music & Videos\Ascension - For A Lifetime (Chillout Mix).mp4Z:\Misc Music & Videos\Aurosonic _ Frainbreeze and Katty Heath - All I Need (Progressive Mix).mp4Z:\Misc Music & Videos\Black Jonas Point - Lo Que Quieras.oggZ:\Misc Music & Videos\Café del Mar (Rastafari Lounge).mp3Z:\Misc Music & Videos\Jah Khalib - Лейла   Official video.mp4
A lot easier to edit being just a single line.

Unfortunately, that's not really the problem I'm having. As I said in my original post, I can create MPCPL files just fine. And of course, if I double-click on a .MPCPL file it does indeed open up in MPC. The task I'm trying to find a solution for is to be able to easily edit a VERY LONG (over 100 media items) list. If you have ever opened a long playlist in MPC that is too long for the height of your screen, try to move an item from the top of the list to the bottom (or vice versa). It's a real pain in the a**. And if you want to move a chunk of them (like say, 10 media items), you have to do them each one at a time.

Now, as I also mentioned, I can open that same MPCPL file in notepad (for instance). The difficulty here is that If I cut and paste a group of lines from one area to another in the same list, and don't renumber all the lines to go from 1 for the first media item lines on up to the highest number for the last media item, then that MPCPL file will play back in the original order that it was in before you changed it because of the numbers in front of each line telling MPC in what order to play them in. In fact, if you open up the changed MPCPL file, you'll see all the same media in the list in the same order it was in before you edited it.

I was kind of hoping that since all I'm looking for is some kind of custom text editor that will take into account all the lines for each media item and keep them together, and also renumber them based on 1 at the beginning, and going up until it gets to the end.

If you are curious, and if you haven't done it yet, pick out an MPCPL file of yours that has a lot of media items in it and open it in Notepad or whatever text editor you like. You'll see that each media item is NOT just one line. Each media item will be at LEAST two lines. a TYPE line, and a FILENAME line. Plus a SUBTITLE line if there is a subtitle track for the video item, plus a LABEL line in case the user (you,, for example) had renamed the item while in the playlist of MPC. By the way, when you try to drag an item either up or down the list where it would need to scroll, it is a rather slow scroll, which explains part of the problem with trying to rearrange items in the list.

And before you suspect that I have an old computer, I don't. Mine has 64GB RAM, 4 GHz Quad core CPU, with an SSD system drive. And no, there's not much other stuff running on the PC.

Now, as an additional idea, the only two critical lines are the TYPE and FILENAME lines. The LABEL and SUBTITLE lines could actually be lost and it wouldn't really be that much of a problem. Although, considering the media items as a group will all have the same number in front of them, I'd really like to keep them if they exist. As long as a TYPE line comes right before the FILENAME line, and both of them (in each pair) has the same, but unique number from other media items.

Oh, and with regard to the M3U files, if you try to save a playlist in MPC, it will save in the M3U format, but if any of the Media files in the list referenced a Subtitle file, I'll have lost track of that in the M3U and PLS formats. Plus, if I wanted to relabel a media file in the playlist to be more informative, that option is not saved, either.

I hope that gets my desire across better than what I guess I had originally posted.

Does anyone have any ideas for an editor like this?



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