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IDEA: Need an .MPCPL file editor

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Sorry folks, for the lapse for those few days. It was a bit of a busy Easter and Dyngus Day. But I found 4WD's info and links very helpful. And I thank all of you for the great info you've provided. It's given me a few good ideas. However, besides that, I must also thank skwire for working up the MPCPLed tool. I'll be trying that out over the next day or two to see if there are any unforeseen bugs in it. I doubt it, but I'll check for everyone who might like to use it's sake.

But I really have to say that you guys really rock! I very much appreciate all the time and thought you all put in to helping me (and hopefully others), and I'll be looking around for other ideas from all of you.



Okay, so this reply is mostly for skwire. At your request, the first thing I did was to copy over my MPCPL folder onto the desktop. Then I unzipped your files onto the desktop. Once that was done, I ran your EXE to just see what things looked like before I started any editing.

Unfortunately, at first, my AV software kept wanting to check it out because it was a "rare, new file" that might be a virus. But I told it I trusted it and it stopped bothering me. Then, when I ran it again, it immediately popped up this error message window:

[ Invalid Attachment ]

Also, I tried to drag and drop an MPCPL file onto the EXE file just to see what it would do, but it gave the exact same error.

If it helps any, my system is:

* Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, fully up-to-date on any available patches
* 64GB RAM
* 4GHz Quad-Core CPU
If there is anything else you need to know, just drop a line or a reply.

Good luck!


Well, that's embarassing.   :-[  Apologies.  Please redownload the zip file and try now.

Okay, so let me give you the short version of the results. It works great! I'll admit it threw me for a moment when I loaded up an MPCPL file that used LABEL and SUBTITLE because each "line" is in a separate column. But admittedly, that probably makes it even easier to code. If the column is blank, you don't need to "write" that line to the final file. Very elegant.

Now, being the kind of person that I am, I'd like to request one more feature. Is it possible to either allow creating new lines? Or better still, allow dragging and dropping media files into the window so that they simply get added in as lines (probably at the bottom of the list)? True, you'd (by default) only fill in TYPE and FILENAME, but that's okay. If I need to I could add the LABEL when necessary and/or add a SUBTITLE file if needed. Aside from that, it really works great!

On a weird side note, I tried dragging a media file into the editor, and it DID give me the cursor with a (+) symbol beneath the arrow just like if I was dragging a file from one folder to another. But when I let go of the mouse button, nothing happened. I'm guessing that's only because of the window class that you used that the (+) sign got carried along.

Thank you, thank you!


P.S. What caused the error, by the way?

Oh, one more thing. I really like the fact that you provided an INI file, because I really wanted to put the LABEL column to the RIGHT of the FILENAME column, and I CAN!.

I've tested it out on over a dozen (copies) of my MPCPL library, and no problems at all.

Oh, by the way, just for aesthetic purposes, you might want to make the "Save MPC Playlist" line instead say:

"Save MPC Playlist as"

That way it more closely indicates what it does, because the first time I saved it, I worried for a minute... "Is this going to overwrite the original?" But of course, this was only a copy, so it didn't really matter, but for others who didn't have this conversation with you, that reassurance might be a nice confirmation of not overwriting unless they wanted to. And if you wanted to take it all the way, maybe make the CTRL-S key combo work for that? I mention that last because CTRL-O opens an MPCPL file, so CTRL-S would be a perfect match to it.



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