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Heimdal anti-malware 70% off sale


Seems this is part of their 70% off, Easter sale,but the sale is still ongoing.  As of today, 4-15-2018.
Note: No indication of a specific expiration date.

Easter Promo link
[Direct link - not an affiliate link]

Proactive online security
We combined ease of use with reliable protection to make data safety effortless for anyone.

Sale pricings:

1 PC, 3 years for $26

1 PC, 2 years    for   $19.80

1 PC, 1 year   for   $13.20

4 PCs for 3 years ,  is $42

4 PCs , 2 years  is $31

4 PCs , 1 years  is $21

Coupon code should auto-fill onto order form.  If not, the coupon code is easteraff36fam


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