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New article posted about the DC Remodeling in 2018 -- server changes, cms, etc.

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@mouser: Thanks for a very interesting article.    :up:
The potted history brought things into context and focus for me, as I was unaware of that background.
Good point about "practicing a migration" - it has to work, so there's every good reason for taking a rigorous and risk-averse approach, which ultimately could improve one's knowledge/understanding of the assets and their configuration/performance, in the acts of planning for and migrating the installation. Migration has never been an "easy" project.
Also, the experiential advice to take notes.

Interesting read, thanks mouser. The Wordpress system at dcmembers is very easy to use. Much quicker to manage now from a users POV compared to the old way of .html edits and FTP uploading.

Thanks for saying so, Nod5   :up:

To: Mouser
From: TWmailrec, Charter Member, joined in 2005:
I have been away for the last year and just noticed that DC has changed server!
I used to use my own web page, address was which has now changed.

In order to add recent programs/update old ones, is it possible to email me with Filezilla settings which were:
Protocol:    FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS
Logon Type: normal               -  user: twm
   Password:   presume this the same?
Server type: Unix
Default Remot Directory: /

I still have same email address
Many thanks, Tim

I've sent you a pm, contact me and we can get your old stuff set up.


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