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Thread on 3d Printing Cody Model

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What do people want printed on their coins?

I suppose first we need to decide who is getting the first batch of 12 cody awards, and then ask them what they want their coin bases to say...

Here are the kinds of reasons we would nominate someone to get a hand painted custom cody award:

* Helping manage the forum (moderators who have volunteered their time to ban spammers, etc.) or otherwise help improve the site (helping organize fundraiser, and new site etc.)
* Coding snack authors who continue to do lots of coding snacks
* Users with the very highest post counts
* Super donors
So who should the first 12 go to?

You said coding snacks, which immediately made me think of skwire. It's pretty amazing how he finds the time to help so many people so quickly!

Here's an incomplete list of who I think of for various reasons (and in no particular order): 4wd, Ath, hamradio, c.gingerich, Deozaan, Skrommel, Stoic Joker, wraith808, IainB, tomos, lanux128, app, rjbull, rgdot, 40Hz, cranioscopical, & Stephen66515.

Nudone for sure!

And didn't Carol Haynes used to be more involved in the administration of the site in the earlier years?

If cranioscopical gets one, then the one he gets should have Cody's face painted in clown makeup.  :P

Here's some photos of the 8"x8"x8" giant baby cody, painted:
Thread on 3d Printing Cody Model Thread on 3d Printing Cody Model

From far away it looks great, from close up you can really see some of the imperfections: The beak needed reconstructive (epoxy) surgery; there are a couple of prominent layer lines near the botton, some areas are faceted.

I'd be happy to send this to someone who has a nice home for it (has to be indoors since PLA won't last outdoors), and would be best someplace where he is sitting at a distance.


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