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Thread on 3d Printing Cody Model

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The new height is better!
The text seems a little better too -- not sure if you did anything with that or it may be that depending on the radius (i printed it at 80% size) it just happens to kern better or worse.

The new center design is better.  If it's easy to do it might be nice to try one where that center is actually quite a bit higher up, to elevate cody a half inch or so.. Might be worth a try..

Also on further thought, I think maybe having the bottom flat with nothing on it might be better for when we use this as a base for the cody figurine and award, because it would allow me to write something personal on the underside with an oil paint pen.  I think that would be preferable to a design, and make the printing easier.

Aryq, I had a great idea:

What if coming up out of the "coin" in the center was a small diameter rod, perhaps only 4mm diameter, coming up about 2 inches?

This would accomplish a couple of things:
It would elevate cody, for an interesting look.
It would make the rest of the coin top completely visible, so we could use all of the space including the center, for design.
With a hold at the bottom of cody (sorry old chap!) we could easily mount him on it.

With the center visible we might even move the cody with coin design that is on the bottom to the top center, OR use it for some additional (non-curved) text, which could come in handy for some awards..

The nice thing is everything you suggest (mostly) is really easy. Comment out the cody, change the height of the column, etc.

I haven't tried it but I think OpenSCAD can import an stl - you may be able to do this in one print.

I changed the font in the latest version, from Arial Black to Liberation Mono ( and Liberation Sans (other text).

I normally go through and fix indenting and comment things before I do this :) but here's the source - I included the font needed for the edge; fonts for the top will need to be on your system (OpenSCAD has a font list under the help menu to be sure).

When you're using OpenSCAD it shows a "preview" but to print it you need to do a "render" (F6 or a toolbar button) which is pretty slow with the fonts. Then you can export an STL.

Helpful tip for OpenSCAD, if you put a "#" at the beginning of a line or object then it's highlighted in red, so you can see what you're editing.

Awesome, thanks aryq!

I changed the font in the latest version, from Arial Black to Liberation Mono ( and Liberation Sans (other text).
--- End quote ---
Clever! It really made a difference.

I have openscad installed and have played with it a tiny bit.  I think I will need your help making the "rod".

I think I will need your help making the "rod".
-mouser (March 30, 2018, 06:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

You can do it! Look at the bottom of the file; I've commented out a cylinder "//simple platform for Cody".

--- ---translate([0,0,2]){cylinder (r=20,h=3,center=true);} First change r and h - note that the height expands from the middle so it sticks out the bottom.

--- ---translate([0,0,2]){cylinder (r=2,h=30,center=true);} Then change the "z" value in the translate function to slide it upward. You can move it up by half the height, plus half the thickness of the cylinder. Overlap is OK.

--- ---translate([0,0,17]){cylinder (r=2,h=30,center=true);}


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