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RIP Bozo the Clown (AKA Frank Avruch)


I know the current bandwagon is to be scared of clowns, but some people genuinely enjoy clowns and this news is probably a very sad day for them.  Clowns, I can take 'em or leave 'em, but Bozo was the king of them all.

Frank Avruch, the Boston-based performer who starred in the first nationally syndicated "Bozo the Clown," died Tuesday at age 89.

According to Boston's WCVB, where he worked for more than four decades as an on-air personality on a variety of shows, he died after a long battle with heart disease.

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from another forum I happened to be browsing

RIP Bozo

Stoic Joker:
He was quite popular back in the day ... RIP Bozo


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