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Windows 10 Home Sandbox and Hyper-V


Virtualization with Windows 10 Home

Tip I read on a dutch website:
but the source is a german site mentioned below.

Do you work with Windows 10 Home 1903 and do you also want to work with Windows Sandbox or HyperV? The necessary program files are also supplied with Windows 10 Home, but are inaccessible by default. The installation script for Sandbox and the installation script for Hyper-V can be downloaded as a ZIP file and after unzipping them execute the batch files (with a right mouse click) as administrator, and both tools can be accessed in the same way as with Windows 10 Pro.


We have described the requirements for the Windows Sandbox in our Wiki. These must be present, otherwise the sandbox can be installed, but not activated. The fact that this function can be retrofitted in the Home is due to the fact that all the files for it are already present.
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Of course, this requires a current CPU that has integrated the Intel VT or AMD-V hardware virtualization functions. The Data Execution Prevention (DEP) supports a 64-bit processor (can be looked up in the bios and activated if necessary) and of course enough Ram.
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Check whether hardware virtualization is enabled via the Task Manager, Performance tab, Processor sub. If not, make sure that the UEFI/BIOS hardware supports virtualization (look for an option such as VT-x, Virtualization Technology, Virtualization Extensions or AMD-V) and make sure the option is activated.
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