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Fundraiser scheduled for April 2018


Our next fundraiser will be held during April 2018.   It's been 3 years since our last one(!).

We hope to have some giveaways and discounts and special things..

If you have any ideas -- especially ideas you can volunteer to do the work on -- please let me know!

Was waiting for it :)



If anyone has companies they would like to recommend we ask for copies of software to giveaway or discount, send me a personal message!

One of the things I think we may do for this fundraiser is have a list of people that donors might consider sending a direct donation to.  So if you are a coder who spends real time at donationcoder and would like to have your paypal or patreon listed, you should get that set up and message me.  If you've been thinking about setting up a patreon account, this is your excuse to go do it now.


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