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Text Fill


I am new to SC, and I just installed the latest version on a Windows 10 Pro.

I am having an issue with textbox fill. When the box is active, and I double left click on mouse, the fill color appears. However, when I move to another action, the background color becomes visible.

Suggestions welcome! Could be an issue with layers?

There are 2 things that cause/effect this:

Go to the text box object.

* At the very top of the text box options panel there is a transparency/opacity slider.  Set that to 255 to make it not show through the background.
* And *ALSO* (this is the more confusing one) is the Blend Mode at the bottom. You should set this to NORMAL if you don't want to see any background shining through.  Setting this to something else could cause the background to shine through in different ways.

It worked

Many thanks



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