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Hi Mouser / All,

Do you have idea how to stop the error of minicap.exe?
Im trying to make a batch file that captures every 1 seconds. But when i press more that 1x per seconds?
it prompts error (see attached image). I want to disable the message error prompt.
Any ideas?

Here is my code for command prompt:
minicap.exe -capturedesktop -cursor -compress 5 -exit -save "C:\MINICAP\%COMPUTERNAME%\%USERNAME%\ $dt:%Y %B %d  %H-%M-%S$.jpg"

Thank you

Looks like it's a conflict with trying to write to the same filename simultaneously by multiple process at the same time.  Let me reproduce it and then add a few different ways to fix it.

But try this in the meantime: Add $uniquenum$ to your filename, such as:

minicap.exe -capturedesktop -cursor -compress 5 -exit -save "C:\MINICAP\%COMPUTERNAME%\%USERNAME%\ $dt:%Y %B %d  %H-%M-%S$ $uniquenum$.jpg"

I'm not sure that will solve it, because the problem may be that the file is being created by another process between the time it checks for an existing file and the time it tries to save it, but give it a try and let me know.

Hi Mouser,

Thank you for your quick response! It works fine without error. But we need the file name to be exact as this  "$dt:%Y %B %d  %H-%M-%S$"  "2018 March 07  03-50-11"
I will wait. I hope and i pray you can fix my problem. Thank you very much :)

Hi All / Mouser,

I just want to let you know. the error still occur even when i put $uniquenum$ . :(

Can you post the source for your batchfile?


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