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Automatic Screenshotter
-rogeraongjr (April 06, 2018, 01:09 PM)
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here's it's page:

I already read about Automatic screenshot and it looks great!

I have some question's?
1.Can this be run as windows service and stealth that normal user cant turn it off? that only admin can turn it off?
2. Can this be install on "ALL USERS" mode?
3.Can the screenshot save to network drive and if the network drive is down it should save to local pc where the app is installed ?
4.Is there screenshot quality compression from 1-10 like minicap?
5.Can it automatically create folders and sub folders and save as \\DATETODAY\COMPUTERNAME\USER\HRS-MINS-SEC.JPG like minicap?
6.Can it capture the mouse cursor like minicap?
7. Finally does it have console only like minicap?

Im going to give you a summariez preview of what im tyring to do.
Im using VB.NET , MYSQL and MINICAP .   My goal is to capture and monitor my students on everything they do in computer lab (dual and tripple monitor) with 1 or 5 sec interval.
The computer lab or workstation setup is within the domain environment.
I use the MYSQL for Settings so that i can fully control the settings of minicap. the sample below are my TBL_SETTINGS

Laboratory         | Computer Name        | Compression      | Interval        |         Server path                      | Status      |
Laborarory 1           Lab101-PC                  2                       2sec                     \\LABSERV\MONTORING        ON - OFF

I use to create Windows service and call all the settings and use timers to turn it on or off and for the Screenshot interval. will call all the setting and then combined with windows command prompt then fired as a service so that any user logging in or switch users can capture.

What do you think is the best? minicap or automatic screenshot.

I'm not a vb coder but it should be very easy (just 1 line of code to a ShellExecuteEx type function) to launch minicap with a set of commandline parameters. >>
ALSO Please give me example of shellExecute type function. Thank you mouser!


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