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Problem installing Screenshot Captor,4.27.3


AVG will not let me install the latest version of Screenshot Captor. I am running 4.21.1, trying to install 4.27.3

Did you receive any message during your attempts to install? It would be really informative to post any messages that are blocking your update here.

You can, as the installer suggests, disable your Antivirus and try to install the update. I've just installed it here without issues, but I'm on Avast (free) antivirus. I've fulminated on the generally poor behavior of AVG in the past, and won't repeat that here, but my best suggestion would be to switch to a different antivirus solution.

Strange.. I use AVG and didn't have any trouble installing it. 

Thanks, I have not had this issue before with Screenshot Captor and AVG. I followed the advice and installed the new version. Thanks for your help.


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