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How to copy data from an M.2 SSD card with M-key configuration?


My laptop is dead and I want to copy the data from the hard drive - except that the hard drive is an M.2 SSD chip with M key configuration.

I can't even find an adapter to read it with.
The BEST I can come up with is a PCIE card to fit it into my computer - but I don't want that. I also found this one, which accomodates all three m.2 styles.
I'm looking for some external adapter or chip or something.

I have an external SATA bay, if I could find some way to hook it to that.

I did find this, but I'm kind of afraid to shop on this site, and it's out of stock anyway.

Any advice, anyone?  I'm rather stuck.

Ah, maybe this! It will take x2 m-key chips and has a 3.5" SATA interface!

Have a look at the Orico range, I use their external HDD/SSD enclosures and a friend uses their external USB3.1 M.2 and PCIe M.2 RAID adapters, never had any problem with them.

Thanks, 4wd, but I couldn't find anything to work with my chip.

I ended up getting a pcie card.  Maybe it will work out; we'll see!


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