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selecting a region slow/delayed

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tried to create this short screen video to demonstrate the "slowness"/delays by selection a region – my cursor is always much faster than the dashed rectangle...

Win10, fast PC ... (latest version of Screenshot Captor)

Esp. selecting larger areas is very slow and therefore difficult to select exactly the region I want.

Only on my machine?


This is actually probably due to my new code in the region capture function -- the updating of the cross-hairs lines are slightly delayed in order to make the actual performance better.. Let me see if I can tweak it to be faster.

Ok I compared to the old version and the new version is somewhat improved from that.  However I know I can get it smoother and eliminate this delay completely.  It will have to wait a week or two for a new version however.

FYI: In my new test version (not yet uploaded) there is no more delay at all.. I will post an update soon.

Please try the latest beta version and let me know if it's better:

Download beta version (4.28.0 BETA) from here (or portable).


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