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[Huge Discount] Mackeeper - $2.48/month for 24 month Premium subscription plan


Hi All,

Mackeeper is an amazing software to take full care of your Mac Computer in a smarter and a better way.

It will optimize your Macbook and give you a Clean experience.

Huge Discount is going on Mackeeper Premium 24 month Subscription Plan.

$2.48 per month only/- Highly recommended plan

The discounts are available only at

Best regards,
MJ Haider

Hi MJ,

I see that you are listed as the author of the article at the link you provided.

Will you please update the original post to include a clear disclosure of what's your relation/affiliation with, any relation you might have with the developers of the MacKeeper software, and any financial incentive you might have (such as earning a referral bonus) for advertising their software?

Otherwise this post will be considered spam.



I am not affiliated with any third party. In fact I am directly affiliated to sell Mackeeper through it's official maker Kromtech.

I have asked them that I want huge discounts for my readers who are looking for software coupons at my website.

Yes I would be earning some amount from this but that would be not much.

At this point I am looking to help our readers to get the maximum possible discount.

If you search on internet you will not get this deal anywhere except our website.

Best regards,
MJ Haider

Thanks MJ.

We're a friendly bunch here, but we also expect our forum members to disclose any relationships/affiliations or financial incentives they may have when advertising a product.

So thanks for clarifying things, and for letting us know about this discount. And welcome to DonationCoder. :Thmbsup:


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